Tuesday, 16 June 2009

HippoVISIT Deutsch

Verballis is pleased to announce that hippoVISIT is now available in German.

Please visit in-world or purchase on Xstreet

For updated information or support please join hippoWORLD or send an IM/notecard to Cayman Beaumont.

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Saturday, 13 June 2009

hippoVISIT - Sistema de Alerta y Seguimiento de Visitantes

Verballis Translation Services se complace en anunciar que ha alcanzado un acuerdo exclusivo para realizar la localización a varios idiomas de una serie de productos de Hippo Technologies. La versión española de hippoVISIT será el primer producto de esta línea, al que seguirá en breve las versiones alemana, francesa y portuguesa en las próximas semanas. Se han iniciado también los trabajos de traducción para otros productos de la gama Hippo, que saldrán al mercado a lo largo de estos meses. Las versiones traducidas de los productos de Hippo podrán adquirirse en XStreet o en comercios dentro de Second Life.

Verballis se enorgullece de poder ofrecer la locacalización de productos de tan alta calidas como los mencionados, y de poder ofrecer herramientas de negocio adecuadas para los residentes de Second Life que no hablan inglés. La importancia de este hecho es capital, ya que Linden Labs continúa atrayendo residentes de idioma distinto al inglés, lo que promueve mediante la traducción a múltiples idiomas de su software.

Hippo Technologies es reconocido como el proveedor líder de herramientas para negocio y múltiples aplicaciones para second Life, usadas por miles de empresas y particulares en todo el metaverso.

Verballis Translation Services es una empresa de Second life especializada en la traducción y en la localización de contenidos, y que ofrece un completo apoyo al cliente en todos los lenguajes con los que puede trabajar.

Cayman Beaumont
Verballis Translation Services – Words Across Worlds

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Friday, 12 June 2009

hippoVISIT Español

Verballis Translation Services is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exclusive agreement to localise a range of Hippo Technologies products.

hippoVISIT in Spanish is the first product in this range released, it is anticipated that German, French and Portuguese versions will follow in the coming days and weeks.

Work has also commenced on other products in the hippo range, these should be released in the coming months. The localised hippo products can be purchased on Xstreet or in-world

Verballis is proud to provide localisation for such high quality applications and providing tools making SL business more rewarding for many non English speaking SL Residents. This is particularly relevant as Linden Labs continues to attract non English speakers and promote increased localisation within Second Life.

Hippo Technologies is acknowledged as the leading provider of business tools for a wide variety of applications within Second Life, these are used by thousands of Second Life businesses and individuals daily.

Verballis Translation Services is a Second Life translation and localisation specialist, offering full customer support for the languages supplied.

Cayman Beaumont

Verballis Translation Services – Words Across Worlds


Friday, 15 May 2009

Verballis - A Summary

Verballis Translation Services offers in world translations of notecards, instructions, classifieds, terms & conditions, covenants, marketing and websites. Whatever your requirement Verballis Translation Services can help.

We currently offer translations to/from:

Chinese (simplified)

We provide a prompt and professional service at a very reasonable price, most of our translations are available for only L$2.50 per word. For short translation texts we can usually offer a next day service, multiple languages are easily supported and we are always flexible in meeting your requirements.

We are currently providing translation services for some of the largest land owners and merchants in Second Life. Since July we have supplied translations for 15 out of our 19 listed languages. We have translated almost 210,000 words and we have seen Verballis grow to what is likely to be the largest translation service provider within SL.

Verballis is very proud of our customer service, prompt professional translations and our ability to deliver on our promises. Verballis Translation Services will be here for the long haul as we endeavour to make Verballis Translation Services a recognised brand throughout SL and regarded as the quality provider of translation services.

Verballis Translation Services is always interested in discussing partnerships with Second Life companies who are exploring opportunities at delivering a multilingual solution. If you have been considering marketing in other languages or offering a multilingual solution then don't hesitate to contact Verballis to discuss your options.

If you'd like to know more about or service then please read - Translation methodology

If you'd like to receive a quote, seek advice or just explore what can be achieved then please contact caymanbeaumont@hotmail.com or you can visit our Xstreet Home Page to see some of the services that we offer.

Verballis Translation Services - Words Across Worlds


Thursday, 12 March 2009

Linden Lab Viewer Update

Linden Lab has updated the community on progress being made with localisation with the SL viewer. The full story can be read here.

I'll let LL continue:

Localized Viewers:

As promised, the viewer is now available in ten languages. It has been translated into German, French, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Hungarian, Simplified Chinese and Polish. It is still partially translated into Spanish and Danish. Next version (1.23) will feature fully revamped Spanish, further improved Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Danish. We will also add the following languages: Italian, Dutch, Russian, and Ukrainian. We may be able to squeeze one more (fingers crossed).

Over the past months, the localized French, German and Japanese Viewers have all been improved through collaborative glossary compiling, translations, internationalization and localization testing completed by Resident volunteers.

A similar effort is now under way for Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and Danish where our residents have collaboratively developed glossaries, determining style and register guidelines. They are now collaboratively translating and editing viewer strings.

In the meantime, our Engineering Team is working hard to fix the internationalization issues that prevent full localization of the viewer.

Other Localizations:

Thanks to the collaborative work of our wonderful community translators, editors and testers, the registration section of our website is now available in nine languages: German, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Italian and Dutch.

Yo can continue reading here

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Seeking Japanese Translators

Verballis Translation Services is looking to recruit at least one Japanese translator.

If you are a native Japanese speaker and have an excellent command of English then please email caymanbeaumont@hotmail.com or IM to discuss. If you know anyone meeting this criteria could you please pass on this link

Verballis Translation Services is probably the largest provider of translation services within Second Life. In just over 6 months we have translated almost 130,000 words to numerous satisfied customers from a variety of SL businesses.

It is especially pleasing that as we enter 2009 Verballis continues to expand and attract as customers some of the biggest names in SL.

Regards and a happy New Year to all.

Cayman Beaumont

Verballis Translation Services - Words Across Worlds

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Did you know this about Spanish?

The Spanish language is the third most used on the Internet, with an estimated 125 million users.

There is a worldwide population of 350-400 million Spanish speakers and 20 nations speak it as it's primary language.

Equatorial Guinea is the only African country with Spanish as the official language.

In the last 8 years Spanish Internet usage has seen a growth rate exceeding 400%, more than twice that of English. With continued economic growth in South and Central America this growth rate is likely to continue.

In the US more than 28 million use Spanish as their primary language at home.


Sunday, 9 November 2008

Multilingual For Sale Sign

Verballis continues to develop a line of products offering a multilingual solution. The latest product created by Mark Lock is a for sale sign in 6 languages - German, Spanish, Dutch, English, French and Italian.

Set-up is simple and is available in these six languages. Features include displaying the for sale sign in a single language, a combination of languages or all six languages in a cycle. You can also set the time interval which determines how quickly the language displayed will change.

This is perfect for those who may wish to display alternately a “For Sale" and "Te Koop” message in a Dutch oriented sim but “For Sale" and "Zu Verkaufen“ in a German sim.

For only L$50 you can purchase a COPY / MOD version of this stylish red and black sign which also incorporates a notecard giver. The item is listed for sale on XstreetSL or if you prefer you can tp and view before purchasing.

Just send an IM or email if you are a creator and would like to offer additional languages for your creations. Verballis can offer a number of options in meeting your requirements and we are particularly interested in partnering with SL creators to create new multilingual products.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Top 10 Languages on the Internet

The Internet is truly global with English making up only 29% of users, will Second Life mature to see similar figures with the introduction of the multilingual Linden Lab viewer?

For more information and stats you should visit Internet World Stats

Friday, 31 October 2008


Verballis Translation is quickly approaching the 100,000 translated words landmark, this provides us an insight into customer requirements. We are now able to provide an accurate picture of which languages are in demand.

German 23%
French 20%
Spanish 16%
Japanese 15%
Italian 11%
Portuguese 9%
others 6%

Japanese has seen a recent increase in demand and is likely to be promoted to 2nd in the coming months if this demand is maintained.

Verballis Translation Services – Words Across Worlds